UK and European specialist in fresh water pearl cultivation in our Chinese pearl farm,  pearl jewellery import and wholesale.
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Terms and Privacy Policy

Data protection

The Pearls Company is registered with Data Protection Act, hence we commit to collect and store your information submitted from our website with highest security. We also guarantee that your information will not be passed to, transferred, shared or communicated with any third party for commercial uses.

Sales Terms

Minimum order value - Our minimum order value is 5,000 GBP per order.

Payment - As we offer efficient delivery to customers, we need to charge a 9% on total order value to cover transportation and postage for shipment from China to UK. Our policy is to take 30% upfront payment of total value of orders as deposit. Delivery is normally 5 - 15 working days. The balance (70% of the total order value plus 9% for postage expense) will be paid by cash, credit card transaction or cheque to Sykam Solutions Limited in UK before shipment is sent out of China.

Return policy - If the products are damaged upon arrival, you are entitled to claim a replacement of same items by showing us the picture of damages. Also if the products do not conform to what you see on our website, you can return them back to us within 7 days.

Certificate of authenticity - All finished jewellery products you order come in with Certificate of Authenticity and one year guarantee for replacement of string/accessory defect.

The Pearls Company is the trading name of Sykam Solutions Limited, which is registered in Scotland SC254981, VAT registered 827 9097 85


The Pearls Company is the trading name of Sykam Solutions Limited.
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