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The UK based European sales office of the largest mainland China Fresh Water Pearl producer.
We can offer at least 20% lower price than the lowest  pearl wholesale price amongst Hong Kong trading companies. Plus saving your travel expense to HongKong. Our minimum order quantity is 5000.00 GBP per order. Check out our highly  efficient and precise

The Pearls Company is a UK and China based company spacialised in cultivating fresh water pearls and pearl jewellery production. We are engaged in producing and direct importing of high quality fresh water loose pearls and pearl jewelleries for wholesale and retail. One of our directors is from a Chinese family owned pearl farm located at the renowned Zhu Ji lake area, where the legendary Chinese beauty Xi Shi was born 205 BC. In China people believe the best water quality (shui tu) creates beautiful women so does for the beautiful pearls. Today Zhu Ji represents the major fresh water pearl production base in the world as China supplies 80% of fresh water pearls in the world.

China has harvested freshwater pearls for many a millennia. The first record mentioning pearls in China was from 2206 BC. In recent years the Chinese have been able to take the art of culturing freshwater pearls to new levels. In the last decade the quality of pearls produced have become so high that many pearls in the top percentage of a harvest are nearly indistinguishable of their saltwater relatives. Gone are the rice-shape seed pearls as they are now being replaced with round, lustrous pearls of sizes as large as 13mm, mimicking large South Sea Pearls. This has created a renewed interest in freshwater pearls as an affordable alternative to the higher priced saltwater pearls.

With our experienced pearl workers, advanced equipment and technology, we aim to supply to the European customers high quality pearls with very fair prices. We gurantee the following benefits when buy from us:

  • Easiness and efficiency - No hassle of importing and logistics, your pearls will arrive at your door step within 5-10 days
  • Low prices - You are guaranteed with the most competitive prices for the specific grade of pearl you buy from us, and we maintain the most competitive pricing
  • High quality - We supply the highest quality for any grade of pearls
  • Flexibility - We understand how important flexibility is for our customers. Hence our minimum order is set very low at 1,000 GBP per order. Regardless the size of your order, we will deliver to you within our committed time.

No matter you are a jewellery wholesaler, retailer, TV seller, jewellery manufacturer or designer, please peruse our online catalogue and we hope you will find many lovely loose pearl, mother of pearl materials and finished jewelleries. We also kindly ask you to use our online order form which is sent to us instantly and will be processed within 24 hours. If there are any questions or specific requests for pearl products, please contact us so that we can help you out.

The Pearls Company is the trading name of Sykam Solutions Limited.
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