Most of people in the jewellery industry do not know that, China is today one of the major source of sapphire mines in the world amongst Sri Lanka, Burma, Madagaska. The majority of Sapphire loose stones sold from Thailan, India and Taiwan, they are bought from Chinese mines and re-branded as Thai sapphire or Ceylon sapphires. A large sapphire reserve was discovered along the north east coast of China in the 1980s, today the rough stones are cut at the mine workshops and are sold to Thai and other South East Asian gem traders to be re-exported to the world. Today as Ceylon mine approaches exhaustion, Chinese sapphire mines begin to get the attention of the world.

At the Pearls Company, we also act as the European and US agent for our Chinese sapphire mine to sell direct to EU countries and US, hence the price is cheaper, quality is guaranteed and supply is reliable.

Generally speaking Chinese sapphires have high clearness, fine consistency and large size, without cracks or cloud inside. However their color is darker than Ceylon Sapphires. We have small quantity of pink sapphire, red sapphire, yellow sapphire and green sapphires. We also have about 1000 carat per month production of very large size sapphires, 10 x 12, 3-5 carat per stone. We guarantee that as a buyer you can save at least 20% from your current purchase price from Thailand, sometimes the saving can be as high as 60%. So contact us now, give us the specification of stones you require and get a free quote.

Apart from sapphires, China also has mines of Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Jadaite, Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet and other semi-precious stones. We always source directly from the mines and Lapidaries to ensure the quality and price of the best.

Sapphires  from Chinese Mine

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