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To better serve our customers around the world, saving their time and guaranteeing the most precise delivery, we offer Deliver to Your Standard Service. That means, for those wholesale buyers that want to save time in travelling, instead of coming to our showroom and order on the site, they can send us by post, 2 strands of their sample pearls, we keep one strand for reference and the other one strand will be sent to our China factory. It will arrive in our factory within 4 days we receive the samples. This allows our factory to supply the same quality of pearls to your required standard, with at least 20% lower price than your current purchase price from Hong Kong trading companies or Canton trading companies. And as we have worldwide UPS account, we can also arrange collection from our customers. This service saves your time, hassle and money in travelling, while provides fast, precise and cheap delivery of the products you want. For some special products, you are also welcome to give us a detail description and the price level you wish, then we can bring those products to you. We can offer this service is because our factory in China holds the most comprehensive pearl stocks and we are sure that whatever your requirement is, we can provide for you.

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